Yamaha P35 digital piano

Very easy to use with superb sound!

This is probably the best option for the piano enthusiast looking into buy a simple, easy to use but powerful digital piano. The Yamaha P35 Digital Piano is the first in Yamaha’s legendary P-series.

The P35 is a very portable, lightweight piano, perfect to have at home, at a recording studio, school or even for playing some local gigs.

Not a lot of builds, buttons and shiny lights.

The P35 was build to be nothing else but a great piano. With the P35 you basically have 10 different voices, nothing more and these include a couple of grand piano sounds and organ sounds. An electric piano and a couple of strings, harpschords and vibes. All of them with an amazing sounding quality!

So how can you set the sounds up without a button? This digital piano comes with a function button which by pressing it down will activate certain keys on the keyboard to switch between sounds and also activate a built in metronome.

Duo function.

The duo function allows you to split the keyboard in two identical sounds, this is a great tool for teachers and students or as it name says, to play as a duo. As well as letting you mix two different sounds; for example, strings and piano, or any other combination you like.

It also comes with reverb and chorus effects and MIDI input and output so you can connect it to any computer application you have.

A sustain pedal and power supply comes as well with the P35.

In a few words, the Yamaha P35 digital piano is a great little keyboard at a very affordable price.

Check it out on your nearest music store.

Luis Tovar

Luis Tovar

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