Yamaha P155 – 88 Key

Another Beauty from Yamaha!

Man, I feel like I am a Yamaha vendor. This is the second Yamaha product I want to tell you about; unfortunately I am not getting any commissions but man, Yamaha knows what to do when it comes to piano and keyboards.

I wanna tell you about the Yamaha P-155 Digital Stage piano, a keyboard that feels like a real grand piano!

So what are the features of this beautiful machine:

  • 88 Graded Hammer-action keys
  • 4 level AWM dynamic stereo sampling
  • Key off and stereo sustain sampling, damper resonance
  • 17 voices
  • 4 reverb type, 3 brilliance types, and 4 effect types
  • Dual and Split modes
  • Built-in metronome
  • Tuning and transposition controls
  • 2-track recorder
  • MIDI in/out, two headphone jacks, sustain and aux pedal inputs, two 1/4″ line outputs
  • USB MIDI connectivity

This Yamaha is basically a professional, high quality piano that everyone will want and of course that you can carry around. You can take it to stage with you or leave it at home if you prefer. You could go to a friends place for showing your piano chops of or even take it to a Jam session – just be aware that everyone will want to play it… not sure how would you feel about that!

The Yamaha P-155 sounds were sampled from a top of the line CPIII concert grand and a full 88 key graded hammer action keyboard.

This piano is for you either if you are a musician who wants the best piano sound available in the market or if you want a grand piano but don’t have a big lounge to have it in.

“Never before has a sample instrument of this sophistication been offered at a price so low” – zzounds.com

Yamaha is on top the technology and the P-155 has the incredibly natural 4 level piano sample. This was possible thanks to Yamaha’s Dynamic Stereo Sampling which basically allows you to get 4 different sounds of the same key – this is great to work on your dynamic range and tonal expression. Playing softly won’t only lower the volume but it will produce the quiet sound of a grand piano, which is a win!

With the P-155 you get both sides of the coin, realistic sound and realistic feel. If you get this piano, you will buy it because you are looking for that real grand piano sound, however, it has 16 other voices to play with.

And, if you are into computer software and wondering if you can use this as a MIDI controller, the answer is yes. If you’ve got a bunch of MIDI synth modules or any other software you can use your Yamaha P-155 to control them all with its beautiful and responsive keys. It comes with a MIDI over USB jack, so no further audio interfaces are needed, just plug it into any of your USB ports and crank your Cubase, Ableton, Garageband or any other software you use.

What causes the true piano feel on the P-155? This is Yamaha’s Graded Hammer technology, which basically reproduces the feel of a grand piano keyboard – heavier touch in the lower keys and lighter touch in the higher keys, and subtle gradations of weight and response throughout.

That is not all folks, the P-155 also includes a sustain pedal, music rest and of course a manual + AC power adaptor.

You can get this Yamaha for around $1,000 – totally worth every penny!

I know that the outside doesn’t really matter but the P-155 comes in 3 different flavours: Black with Ebony top-board, black with mahogany top-board and my favorite silver with cherry top-board, which one would you get?

Yamaha PSR-E423

…One of the best options for Beginners!

Our blog post on “New or used pianos” has created intrigue about what to get. We have received a number of emails from our readers asking what the best option is for a beginner when it comes to buying a portable keyboard.

Which keyboard brands do you know? I am pretty sure you’ll say Yamaha or maybe Casio. Both have been in the market for ages and they have a big range of keyboards which can cater to the needs of a wide range of keyboard players. However, if you compare entry-mid level keyboards of both brands, Yamaha is the winner, not only because of its build quality, but because of its sound. Yamaha might be a bit more expensive, but as the saying goes; “You get what you pay for” and that’s certainly the case with keyboards.

Anyway, for those beginners out there, I want to say that Yamaha has top class sound quality keyboards loaded with the best features in the market. Again, they might be more expensive than other similar brands but it’s not just the brand name you’re paying for, but also high quality sound. The sound samples are always spot on and believe it or not, the built-in speakers always do a great job handling the high and low frequencies giving you an all round pleasant sound experience.

Another great thing about the Yamaha Keyboards on the Beginner level is what they call Y.E.S. (Yamaha Education Suite) which are basically music lessons to help you improve your piano skills. Now, I have to admit, I’m not sure about the quality as I have never tried them but if their keyboards are anything to go by, they’ll be great.

So, what are some good options from the Yamaha range? I would have to say any keyboard from their YPT to their PSR series will be a winner. A personal favorite is definitely the PSR-E423 in their portable series.

This keyboard was brought to the market back in 2010 and it has been on top of “what to buy”.

The main features on this keyboard are the synthesizer control knobs for real time control of effects, sounds, tempo and styles. The arpeggiator comes with 40 different voices and of course a perfect pitch bend. And probably the best thing, well at least the first thing you will notice, is its stunningly good looks. A black body which gives it a really cool, modern look and is different from the rest.

What about the voices? This keyboard has 700 varieties that goes from nylon guitar, electric piano, acoustic piano, church organ, vocal ensemble, clean guitar, distorted guitar and 693 more! All of them with a very high quality sound and even better when played through its 2-way speakers, believe me these speakers can hold those bassy notes.

The PSR-E423 even comes with a “world music” band to play with – the keyboard has 174 varieties of styles. Do you feel like playing some chill out music, simply put it on backing mode and play an Indian rhythm with tablas, select a sitar voice and done! You will be able to go to any place in the world with this “backing mode”. Feeling latin tonight? Play some salsa or Merengue and you will get your family dancing in the lounge!

What about effects? I’m glad you asked. There are 9 different types of Reverb; 4 types of Chorus and 150 types of arpeggios, your piano playing will go to a different level with this toy from Yamaha don´t you think?

Nowadays every keyboard has connectivity to a PC, this is no exception. You can connect this machine via USB and transfer your favorite tracks into the keyboard and play along with them. Extended flash memory is also included.

This keyboard might look complex, it looks like one of those modern synthesizers, however it is very simple to use. Iit has a very intuitive interface, and of course reading the manual never hurts. Remember that this keyboard as well as any other Yamaha comes with the Y.E.S. learning system.

This keyboard is packed with great things, especially at this price. I would highly recommend this as an ideal first keyboard, especially for those young kids (but not too young) who are wanting to do more than just play piano, but even get into music production.

Check it out:

My verdict: It is a sexy keyboard, it is not expensive at all for what you get and it really looks, feels and sounds as “pro” as any of those modern synthesizers in the market. Definitely a great keyboard to start with and to expand your mind into the amazing world of piano playing! You definitely won’t need anything else.