Philippe Saisse

I knew about Philippe Saisse not so long ago thanks to keeping track of Simon Philips (drummer of rock band TOTO) as they performed together on a live recording called PSP Live, back in 2009.

Philippe Saisse is a French Grammy Award-nominated Smooth Jazz and New Age music keyboardist, producer and arranger.

Philippe has been super active in the music scene, either recording for different artists or performing live since 1979.

He has performed and recorded with Al DiMeola, Chaka Khan, The Rolling Stones, Al Jarreau, David Bowie, The B-52s and Marcus Miller, to name a few.

Between 1988 and 1990 he performed as the regular house band keyboardist in ‘The Sunday Night Band’, during the two seasons that the highly acclaimed music performance program Sunday Night ran on NBC late-night television.

If you enjoy a classic Rhodes sound combined with an acoustic piano, you’re gonna love this one – Philippe Saisse Trio, “Do it again”

And if you are into the Rock, Jazz and Fusion styles, don’t forget to check out the PSP trio I told you about:

Luis Tovar

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Danny Holt

After writing about getting rhythm in piano and mentioning that the piano is a very rhythmic and percussive instrument I found a very interesting pianist thanks to google. His name is Danny Holt, a pianist, composer and percussionist from L.A.

A couple of words that can’t describe him better are INNOVATIVE and INVENTIVE. He definitely is one of the most innovative young musicians ushering classical music into the 21st century. Called “phenomenal” by the late music critic Alan Rich (, and called “freak” (in a good and respective way) by me when I finished watching the first video I found from him – He simply is outstanding!

So what is so good about Holts style? Is boundless energy, wit to unique interpretations, obscure, unusual and neglected repertoire enough for you? I guess it is and I bet you can’t wait to see him in action.

Danny Holt has performed in halls, theaters, music schools and universities across the U.S. He debuted with his “Right Now” album in 2002 which had a lot of good comments and reviews but unfortunately is out of print – “… offers a taste of his offbeat take on the classics and cutting-edge music”, “Eclectic and fun…” – You could contact Danny and in exchange for some fine dark chocolate, he can be persuaded to send a copy, or e-mail some mp3s…

He also performed with Los Angeles Philharmonic in 2006 and has been very active since then, releasing 3 more albums.

More recently, in 2010 Holt unveiled a new project; the one that put the “freak” word in my mouth after watching his performance. In this project Danny takes advantage of his skills as a percussionist to perform new works written for a piano-percussion setup he has developed… Can you believe that? Well, see it and hear it on the video below:

And watch this other video performing “Wed” by David Lang in 2011, it is very impressive:

This guy is truly an inspiration to any musician!

If you like what you see, you should go to Danny´s website.