Kawai K3 upright piano

Kawai is super well known for having very good quality grand, upright and even digital pianos.
The K3 upright piano is a super professional option available, winner of Acoustic piano of the year from 2008 to 2011, which has got to mean something, right?

The K3 offers an incomparable combination of tone, touch and value that has made it one of Kawai’s most popular and professional uprights. The K3 provides a clear, rich tonal quality and an extraordinary consistency of touch made possible only by Kawai’s Millennium III upright action.

Kawai’s K3 upright pianos are:

Millenium III Action with carbon fiber
Ultra slow fallboard closing system
Brass front casters (double)
Height adjustable bench

The specifications of the upright K3 are:

Height: 48” (121 cm)
Width: .60” (151 cm)
Depth: 24” (59 cm)
Weight: 485 lbs.(220 kg)

Kawai offers you its ten year fully transferable warranty.

Check out the demo video from Kawai:

Luis Tovar

Posted by Luis Tovar

A guide to piano makers

Pianos, pianos and more pianos… There are so many piano brands available on the market today that if you’re wanting to buy a new piano I am sure you’re struggling with “what to buy”. Purchasing a piano can be a very exhausting and challenging experience.

We have talked about a few brands such as, Casio, Yamaha, Steinway & Sons and Kawai, but is that it? Unfortunately or fortunately that is not it, there are dozens of piano brands. Perhaps you’re only familiar with 3 or 4, but there are heaps more options out there that your ears could hear…

I have created a list of piano brands I know but I have also added some brands I did not know about and just found out about them thanks to a few google searches.

So here is a Guide to Piano brands…

Steinway & Sons – Making the worlds finest pianos for over 150 years. Owning a Steinway Piano is possibly every pianists dream. This company has been creating one of the highest quality pianos since the 1850s. Visit their website and find out what I mean.

Bladwin Piano Company – was the largest US-based manufacturer of keyboard instruments, most notably pianos. It is presently a subsidiary of the Gibson Guitar Corporation, although it ceased domestic production of pianos in December 2008.

Kawai Pianos – A great Japanese brand best known for its grand and upright pianos, electronic keyboards and synthesizers.

Mason & Hamlin – Founded in 1854, Mason & Hamlin is one of America’s oldest and most respected piano manufacturers. Of the hundreds of American piano companies that flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Mason & Hamlin is one of only a handful that survive today.

Schimmel Pianos – Your keys to happiness, is a German piano maker. The company was founded in 1885 in Leipzig by Wilhelm Schimmel. This company is especially popular for its high quality concert grand pianos.

Bosendorfer pianos – is an Austrian piano manufacturer, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha. Bösendorfer is unusual in that it produces 97- and 92-key models in addition to instruments with standard 88-key keyboards.

Yamaha – is a Japanese multi-national corporation based in Japan with a wide range of products and services, predominantly musical instruments, electronics, motorcycles and power sports equipment.

Kohler and Campbell – Charles Kohler and John Calvin Campbell joined forces in New York in 1896 to create the Kohler & Campbell Industries, Inc.

These are the brands that struck a chord with me and I have seen many of them being played by recognized pianists. However, the list goes on and on, if you would like to find out even more piano makers, check this list from Wikipedia.

Hope this helps for now… I might revisit this topic again down the track.