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iPads and Androids are definitely what’s in! We did a blog post about top 10 piano apps for iPad last year and I am now even more impressed with the new apps offered in today’s market, not to mention the fact that new generations are super familiar with touch screen devices.

I went to visit a friend last night and when I got into his lounge, his 12 year old girl was playing a Lady Gaga song with an iPad. I Immediately wondered about the application she was using. So I had a look and of course a go with it and I was impressed with the ease of use and effectiveness of the app to learn to play songs… I am talking about PianoTabs.

If you own an iPad and you are into learning to play songs, this is a great application to check out. Piano Tabs is a very easy to use application which allows you to play, remember, sing along, learn the chords and even compose your own songs with a simple touch of your fingers.

I found this app to be super helpful (besides the learning songs side of things) with learning chords and composing your own sounds.

How it works.

The PianoTabs application has four main areas to help you:

It shows you every chord on the screen, for example a D#, D#maj7, A#, etc. And when you play a chord, it shows you some blue dots for the white keys and orange dots for the black keys so you can see the finger position on the fingerboard. The cool thing about this feature is that you can also tap a chord to play it through the iPad speakers, so basically you can play a song or compose one without even having your piano or keyboard.

Every lyric you add into your application will be displayed alongside the chords so you can see both things at the same time, and guess what? The latest application update comes with an auto scroll so you can read or sing the lyrics as well as play the chords on your piano. Basically forget about stopping to scroll.

Compose and search chords
Have you ever been playing your piano when you suddenly play a chord and have no idea what it is but you like how it sounds? Find it on the Chord Finder by simply touching the same keys you are touching on the piano and get the name of that particular chord.

Chords Chart
This is like your chord bible. Use the chord chart to browse through all available chords that are sorted by their key note. Major, minor, augmented, suspended they’re all included.

Let’s stop the talking and see it in action on the following video:

If you are keen on this PianoTabs app, visit the iTunes store clicking here.

Luis Tovar

Luis Tovar

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