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Piano with a global beat!

The other day I came across PianoAccents which is a “world of music for the piano”. Pianoaccents is a young Editorial for piano books, a very interesting one as they are producing really multi-cultural products for the piano players, featuring exciting new piano arrangements of the best classic pop and authentic folk music from around the world!

They only have one book in the market so far, “Africa” – Featuring: Siyahamba, Freedom is Coming, Hakuna Wakaita, Lamban, Nkosi Sikeleli, Jambo Bwana, Takamba, Pata Pata, Jedeli, Betelehemu. Neeki Bey, composer and ethnomusicologist introduces Piano Accents: Africa, a collection of ten classic pop and folk songs from the African continent arranged for late beginner/early intermediate piano with practice notes from Kristin Yost of Centre for Musical Minds. Included is a practice CD that demonstrates songs at slow, mid and performance tempos, making music fun and easy for all to learn. Also included are the original lyrics with English translations, and historical information. Accessible for pianists and vocal music teachers.

And they have their second book on the way where you are going to be able to travel all the way to “Latin America”.

What PianoAccents is:

– New and fun sounds for the piano
– Learn music intuitively by listening and imitating with practice tracks
– Learn about vultures with lyrics, translations and interesting cultural information

About the Author: Neeki Bey

It would be hard to place native Texan and life-long choir boy in a particular culture, genre or even era. His musical background ties together jazz piano, choral music, African drumming, along with gospel influences and a hint of country twang.

A world touring artist including stops in Vienna, Austria, Ghana, West Africa and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania concluded in his native Texas where in 2007 he earned his Master of Music Education degree from Southern Methodist University.

A SESAC composer, Neeki writes and arranges global music with ongoing research into the fusion of traditional indigenous world music with western forms. Recently published, his Piano Accents series features arrangements of classic pop and folk songs from around the world, expressly for young musicians.

He has also performed on stages with many celebrated artists including Celine Dion and Jason Mraz. Through his professional endeavors, Neeki connects those around him to the stories and rhythms of people around the world.

So if you are interested in learning music from different parts of the world, keep an eye on Pianoaccents.com which if they keep doing things how they have done it so far, you will be able to travel all around the world using your piano as your magic carpet.

Check out this video from PianoAccents: Africa – “Pata Pata”:

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