New or Used Pianos?

Unless you are one of the lucky ones who has Grandma’s old piano at home, you will need to start thinking about getting a piano for your own peace of mind.

For those of you who are a bit frustrated or worried about what to get let me tell you that there are a few options around. You could go to your local music shop and ask if they rent musical instruments, this is a great place to start as it usually doesn’t cost much and it will be good to help you decide if learning the piano is what you really wanna do.

If a rental is not an option, and you are also 100% sure you want to invest in a good piano, you can either buy a brand new or get a second hand piano. Of course both options have their own pros and cons.

Pianos are expensive instruments, and a brand new is a huge investment; if you are just starting to learn to play the piano, I definitely recommend you to consider the “second hand” option. You can find really really good stuff there!

A great place to start is by surfing the web for piano brands, prices and specs. Probably eBay is where you need to go to see what is available or find out piano brands that are within your budget. Then look for second hand places near you, pawn shops are always worth checking out and don’t forget your local music stores, ask them if they know someone who might be selling a piano. They often have notice boards with a For Sale section. I think you get the idea and you will know exactly where to go.

Second hand doesn’t necessarily mean bad quality, you can find really good pianos for a reasonable price, you just need to shop around. Probably something you don’t know is that pianos are long living instruments. However, the older they are, the more likely it is to have problems in the long run. If you have an experienced friend or a piano tutor, you should ask them to look over the piano you are after, or find a piano technician who can do this for you.

What to do if I buy a second hand piano? I know how it feels to have a new toy around, I also know what’s it like to have a “new” instrument, and NOT PLAY IT. First thing’s first though. Your piano will need to be tuned once you have it in position. Now it gets even harder, experts always recommend you let it settle for at least 5 days, then you will need the Technician again to come around to your house and check the tuning again.

And for those of you who are saying “Hey, I just got my new piano and I wanna play it”, well my friend, that does not matter, even new pianos have to be tuned, unless you live in the music shop where the piano has been sitting for a while – Pianos always get out of tune after a move, it doesn’t matter how carefully you transported it from the shop to your home, it doesn’t matter if you teletransported it either!

Making the decision between new or second hand is always hard, so it pays to think about “how much can you invest on a new piano?” It does not matter if all you can afford a second hand piano. What you have to keep in mind is that you need to get the best piano that you can afford. Better gear doesn’t make you a better musician but having the best equipment that you can afford is always best.

I really hope this helps.

Luis Tovar
Luis Tovar

3 thoughts on “New or Used Pianos?

  1. Recently purchased a rebuilt Yamaha piano for fraction of a new piano price.

    Before committing to buy it, I had the 3rd party piano technician (with tons of experience) to come out and inspect the piano, top to bottom. Everything checked out, and was told that piano is a good as brand new one, especially for the price paid.

    This was no different than buying a used car. yes, I can just buy it and roll the dice, but if you can get a car technician to check it out for you, than you will have little bit of piece of mind.

    Piano was bought mainly for our 7 year old, who started his lesson 6 months ago, started on a keyboard, but soon discovered that actual piano was the way to go. And we wanted a piano that will grow with him and his younger siblings, when they start to play (hopefully, anyways).

    Look around, read and educate yourself on models, brands, ask the piano technicians, teachers has to recommend.

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