Mulgrew Miller

A very talented jazz piano player; not so well known by his solo work but by his live and recording performances with Art Blakey, Stefon Harris, Kenny Garrett and Tony Williams, just to name a few.

Mulgrew Miller is an american jazz pianist born in 1955 in Greenwood, Mississippi. Miller’s first experiences with music were more orientated towards gospel, R&B and blues. He was constantly meddling with Jazz, without really knowing it and freely admits he and his band were merely “approaching Jazz”.

Miller has said to have set his mind definitely on becoming a jazz pianist after seeing Oscar Peterson on television. “It was a life changing event. I knew right then that I would be a jazz pianist”.

So here it is, The Mulgrew Miller trio… something that definitely sounds like a good class of jazz to me!

Luis Tovar

Luis Tovar

One thought on “Mulgrew Miller

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