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I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned John Medeski before now… perhaps, in my defense there are just heaps of great pianists out there. Medeski, however, is one that I really like… he is jazz, he is funky, he is avant-garde, he is classical, he is crazy and atmospheric, he really plays it all.

For the ones that don’t know him, John Medeski is an American jazz keyboard player and composer. A veteran of New Yorks 1990s avant-garde jazz scene and he is very well known for being part of “Medeski Martin & Wood Trio”.

He plays the acoustic piano and an eclectic array of keyboards, including the Hammond B3 organ, melodica, mellotron, clavinet, ARP String Ensemble, Wurlitzer electric piano, Moog Voyager Synthesizer, Wurlitzer 7300 Combo Organ, and Yamaha CS-1 Synthesizer (a kids’ toy), among others. When playing acoustic piano, Medeski plays the Steinway piano exclusively and is listed as a Steinway Artist.

If you like the hammond sound mixed with funky riffs and crazy jazzy chords, you’ll really wanna watch this video from a solo during a Medeski, Martin & Wood show:

And please please check this super funky hammond riff… you won’t be able to stop groovin’ to it!

Let us know what you think and who your favorite keyboard or piano players are!

Luis Tovar

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2 thoughts on “John Medeski

  1. I adore Medeski; however, my favorite pianist is Dave Brubeck. Sadly,
    he has just passed ad will be very, very sorrily missed. Thankfully, we
    have the great longevity of wonderful music from our favourite musicians.

  2. Can’t fault your choice Loren, my favourite Brubeck is “The Duke” played without bass and drums, it is slower and has an extra wonderful feel to it.

    Another pianist I would recomend is Hiromi Euera. she has outstanding ability and gained applause from no other than Oscar Peterson.

    Terry Killeen

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