Develop positive practice habits

Learning an instrument can be hard work. It is important to make sure you have solid self discipline and apply yourself. Because many people learn through an online piano course (like Rocket Piano) you need to develop strategies for maintaining a good work ethic. Here are seven habits that will help you in your journey learning your instrument.

  1. Don’t procrastinate. There are always a set number of tasks you have to do when you  are practicing. It is easy to put off playing until tomorrow, but you should try to do a little each day – even if only a few minutes. Practice is important; you should get into it as soon as possible.
  2. Keep in touch with other musicians. If you are constantly in contact with your friends who also play then you will bounce off and motivate each other.
  3. Keep moving. Don’t get stuck in a rut, it is important to keep on leaning new skills and developing your playing. Also there is nothing that keeps your spirits up like seeing the progress you’re making.
  4. Use your time wisely. If you lack a regular practice time then it becomes difficult to maintain consistency. Try blocking out a set time to practice each day so you can fully develop as a musician.
  5. Practice in a good work environment. It is important to have a good place for you to practice. You need an environment that is clean and quiet so you can fully concentrate on what you are doing.
  6. Be comprehensive. You should always be trying to become a complete musician. For this reason, it can be a good idea to keep a list of all the things you need to do to become a complete musician.
  7. Know your own work habits. Each person has their own individual way of learning. For this reason it is important to adjust your practice so that you can maintain it.

We hope these tips can help you with your practice. Keeping your self discipline is a matter of good planning and goal setting.


12 thoughts on “Develop positive practice habits

  1. This article was very helpful. Sometimes while learning the piano, and may think you have developed a good work foremat.
    The format that you have suplied me with is an old fashion LESSON plan form my teaching days.
    JOB well done …EXCELLENT format!!!!

    • You are totally right John. These practice habits are a very “old fashioned” learning plan but they work! Everyone should check and compare their own format with these tips and do the necessary changes.

    • I like this even though I applied almost all of these except tip 2 I almost feel like Beethoven! !
      I think I can manage to keep playing the piano! And luck to everyone who wants to play! 😀

  2. Well thanks to your message,it have really uplifted me.Am on the to starting n i feel privileged to know that there is always somebody behind me to give me support.

  3. Kindly don’t hesitate to receive my thanks.i feel privileged ton know there is someone just behind me waiting to give me support,

  4. I take a few minutes to noodle with scales…about 15…then i really did in to songs i want to learn..the fun is in the theory..the hard work is worth it…(by the way..I just turned 70..)

  5. I agree that practice each day or a regular practice is what keeps the momentum going. Thank You All For Your Support At Rocket Piano !

  6. me interessei pelo curso porem gostaria que fosse com legendas dos videos em portugues ,pois ai eu irei adquirilo e poderei estudar melhor e aprimorar mes conhecimentos .bruzza

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